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Desert flora have adapted to the extremes of heat and aridity by using both physical and behavioral mechanisms.

An architecture that emulates a flower, opens and closes to adapt to the ecosystem. By day, closed, protected from the sun, while at night, opened, breathes and cools.

Constructed with a structure of the desert tents (jaima), works like this, managing energy in a conventional mode, but with current technology.

Wraps the public space and appropriates it, creating an inside shaded square, and a shaded park. Communication elements appear as a root, elevating over the many roads that surround, To allow direct connection from other points in the environment.

“Hiding in her desert place
There lives a desert rose
Not much water   little rain
Yet on and on she goes...

Day to day she shows her face
To those who can not see
All her beauty hides the pain
And tears that set her free...

Still there's One who shed His grace
Upon this desert rose
Always with her shall remain
Because her heart He knows.”

Authors: Javier Janda & Usue Beraza

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