miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013



 _pattern generation_



 _inside_ground floor_

The information desk is located inside the wooden piece. The space is at the height of the street, although it is hidden at first sight from the outside. Here are the toilets that may be used 24 hours a day. There also exist some tables and a small library. From here, trees grow standing out of the wooden piece.

_inside_first floor_art gallery_

The art gallery is located on top of the wooden piece. Visitors accede either through a ramp carved in wood or from Tienguely Fountain. The visitor moves freely across the surface being in contact with the artworks around and the top of the trees that appear from the wooden piece.


 Two pieces can be observed from the outside: two different scale greenhouses; and some wooden pieces inside them. Inside the bigger greenhouse, there is an information desk, a store and the toilets. All this is surrounded by an engawa that connects the outside with the inside. In the smaller greenhouse, there is a meeting room. Through them, it can be observed the whole environment of the square, the fountain, the cathedral and the theater.

project done by: 
Usue Beraza Sadornil http://usueberaza.blogspot.com.es/

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